About Me

I am Greg White, an Internet professional living in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Here is my LinkedIn profile and Facebook.

I have a variety of websites that I have been creating and managing since back in 1995.  https://www.healthstatus.com is my flagship site which I started in 1998, and has had over 73 million website visitors.

Currently I have a team of seven that work for me full (ish) time, doing web development, design and writing for my websites, and my clients sites.

I also do regular consulting for clients, as part-time CTO, digital marketing advisor, website development coordinator, search engine optimization (SEO) and other Internet kinds of things.

I am always open to new business ideas, working together etc.   You can email me at gwhite “AT” healthstatus.com or gwhite “AT” personaldotcom.com, or ping me on either LinkedIn or Facebook.  Whichever helps you confirm that I am who I say I am.   You can also use my personal domains at https://gregwhitelinked.com which demonstrates forwarding to LinkedIn, https://gregwhiteresume.com which demonstrates a resume site, and https://gregwhitesocial.com which shows using a domain as a social media hub.

My wife and I with our long time friend….