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One Person Reading This Page Will Take Ownership Of JoeWinder.com and Instantly Boost Their Personal Brand

Ready to become THE Joe Winder ?

Hey Joe,

You’re not the only Joe Winder reading this page.

We did some digging.. there are over 19 professionals like you listed on LinkedIn under your name.

And all of them are reading this too.

Now, another reason you’re here is because you know how important having and developing a personal brand is (otherwise you wouldn’t have a LinkedIn profile to showcase your professional bravado, would you)?

And right now, with how volatile the economy, work from home, and job space is – it’s even more critical to get this right.

Truth be told, you already have a personal brand. We all do, whether we like it or not.

Because your brand is simply the impression others have of you.

With your LinkedIn profile, you took a step to take control.

My question to you is – why do you still not have an email, let alone a website, that gives you AUTHORITY over your personal brand’s name? (Which is your name, Joe)

Without this… it’s easy to become “yet another Joe Winder.

Yet another regular gmail account with no professional appeal or authority trying to get people to listen to them.

But with it, you instantly become THE Joe Winder.

THE professional, trustworthy, Joe Winder that people know means business at first sight.

This isn’t about a domain name. This is about how you want people to perceive you.

You’re a pro at what you do and you have something unique to offer.

And you know that if you can find a way to strengthen your credibility, trust, and online status, then people will pay more attention to you and give your ideas & expertise the respect it deserves.

You’ve no doubt heard the conventional wisdom for how to grow your online presence…

…like posting regularly on social media…

…getting PR exposure…

…or sending emails to influential people you want to connect with.

But unless your personal brand is viewed with trust and authority?

No one cares.

And to instantly get trust and authority, you only have to take ONE step.

You only have to take complete ownership of your name on the internet, by owning your domain name.

Think about it: every time you see someone with their name as their email (like Joe@JoeWinder.com), or their name as their website, you don’t question that they’re a big deal, do you?


So, instead of spending all that time & effort proving it, how about you stop them from questioning that you’re the real deal to begin with?

You have skill, knowledge, and your experience should be easily respected.

But do you ever get the feeling that it’s like pulling teeth to get noticed in such a loud, digital world?

Do you feel like you struggle with gaining trust? Or feel like you have to prove that what you say is worth listening to?

The reason for that is simple, and a lot less personal than you might think.

We’re all exposed to so much noise that our brains are on high alert and aggressively filter people out.

So unless your brand displays the right trust signals to show you’re an authority?

To others, it’s like you’re just another “wannabe Joe Winder”.

Not THE Joe Winder they should pay attention and respect to.

And sadly, often it’s not the smartest or most skilled people who are placed onto an online pedestal…

It’s the person who sprinkles their brand with trust signals that is perceived as the expert.

Or maybe, depending on who you ask, the smartest person in the room IS taking their brand seriously, since they’re the one that’s winning.

And you can join them and start reaping the same benefits, within the next 5 minutes.

What if we told you that by owning JoeWinder.com you’d instantly be perceived as an authority in your industry…

The very next time you send an email.

Or send someone to your portfolio, or website.

The very next time someone types in “JoeWinder.com” and YOUR LinkedIn profile comes up (yes it can be used that way too).

Or even the next time someone types “Joe Winder” into Google, and YOU’RE the person listed at the top.

Making you THE Joe Winder. Nobody else.

So, as minor as it may seem, or as “old school” as it may feel, the power of the .com domain is still alive, well, and supremely valuable.

Because humans are psychologically conditioned to see a .com domain as a stamp of authority.

All of the major brands and personalities use it to demonstrate their status.

In fact, 50.6% of ALL domains end in .com, meaning most people will type .com anyway.

So if you use JoeWinder.net instead, it won’t trigger the trust signal that’s embedded deep in our psyche.

In fact, seeing anything other than .com still triggers “second rate”, or “B-List” at best. (Sad, but true).

And you can forget about changing the naming format by adding an initial or hyphen. That’ll only confuse things further.

The attention-grabbing experts in all industries use .com domains to position themselves at the top of the tree.

The A-Listers. The Go-To’s. The Highest Paid, Highest Valued, and the LEAST questioned.

And they harness the domain’s status-enhancing ability EVEN if they don’t own a website.

“Wait, I don’t need a Website to benefit from my domain?”

No, you don’t.

You can use JoeWinder.com in lots of useful ways:

  • To redirect people to your social media pages
  • As a consistent email address regardless of who you’re working for or what you’re working on
  • To host creative portfolios, resumes, or testimonials and impress potential clients or recruiters
  • To protect yourself from people using your online identity for fraud or catfish accounts (it happens)
  • As an investment to sell for a profit at a later date

And if you DO have a website for your personal brand?

Connecting it to JoeWinder.com will help you get more visitors and opportunities organically.

Because even Google favors the tried & true .com brands and puts them on the top of the list.

Imagine that! Magnetically pulling people towards you without having to grind for their attention or prove your worth.

You see, Google LOVES this naming format. The “.com” domain is recognized as one of the most important domains to display when people search your name.

So, if you want to do ANY or all of the following:

  • Maintain ownership of a professional email address that nobody questions
  • Finally have a personal brand website that no job or client can fire you from so your perceived value goes to 0 out of nowhere
  • Add credibility, status, and authority to your personal brand so people stop questioning if you’re worth respecting and listening to
  • Stop other people from profiting in your name or using it for malicious activities
  • Take control of what people see when they Google your name
  • Own an asset that maintains or grows in value

Then you NEED your personal domain name.

Now, obviously, you’re wondering, “Okay, but at what cost?”

We’ll go over “cost vs. investment” in a minute, but to answer your question.

This domain name is appraised at $969.00 according to GoDaddy (the world’s leading authority on domain names).

But you won’t pay that.

If you wait for someone else reading this page to grab it and build a stellar personal brand with it, then later, it could be as much as $5,000 or more.

But you won’t pay that either (yet, you could be the person to sell it for that amount later, though).

And even if you were to grab it on GoDaddy today, it would be $-1.00.

But you won’t pay that either.


If you claim JoeWinder.com right now, before any other Joe Winder has a chance to, you’ll get it for a 70% discount on the GoDaddy appraisal value, making what you pay…


Only $125.00


Yes, instead of purchasing for GoDaddy’s value of $969.00…


JoeWinder.com is available to the first person who buys it today, for just $125.00

Claim Your Domain

Will that person be you, is the question?


Or are you going to let a different Joe Winder take this opportunity from you?


Remember. This IS an opportunity. An investment, NOT a cost, because…

With JoeWinder.com you get to:

  • Add credibility, status, and authority to your personal brand so you get more, bigger, better opportunities coming your way that could lead to hundreds of thousands of extra dollars or more
  • Have an email address that decisions makers and/or recruiters take seriously so they know you’re a real person and respond more – which leads to more opportunities, deals closed, and – again, a bigger return on your investment
  • Take control of what people see when they Google your name. So people are coming to YOU instead of another Joe Winder. Giving YOU their business, support, and attention.
  • Own an asset that maintains or grows in value, especially as you grow your brand, so that if or when you’re ready to retire, you get to profit from the domain name itself and pass it along to another Joe Winder.
  • Finally have a personal brand website that no job or client can fire you from or take your value away, meaning even when hurdles of life pop up, no one can steal your value.

When you claim JoeWinder.com as your own, you’re investing in the most important professional asset you can have.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to finally become THE Joe Winder with all the benefits that it has to offer?

Here’s How it Works:

Once you buy the domain from us, you have two options. Please state your preference in the order notes.

Step 1: Click the button above and complete the order process to claim JoeWinder.com & purchase ownership of it.

Step 2: We’ll transfer the domain to your own domain hosting account and you’re free to start using it

Optional Step 3: If you need help with setup for email and a simple website to have your personal information on, this is an optional add on at the next step.

It takes about 2 minutes total to secure your domain.

A professional email can be setup after a quick conversation, but ready to go in about a day.

And just a few days to have your personal website built with our super simple setup.


Claim Your Domain

Still unsure?

Let me ask you:

If ALL this was sit, gain value, and allow you to resell it for the appraisal value or much, much more in 5, 10, or 20 years, would it be worth it?

Because that’s the WORST case scenario of claiming your domain name today for just $125.00.

So what are you waiting for?

If this page disappears then the domain has been snapped up… and another Joe has assumed their position as THE Joe Winder, who gets all the benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you really sell me this domain?
    Yes, to check, open a new browser window and go to: https://JoeWinder.com, it gets redirected to this page because I currently control the domain.
  • Why do you offer such a big discount? How is this real?
    Believe it or not, it’s a win-win situation to help people more. Major companies like GoDaddy have much higher overhead and more incentive to charge more for domains, whereas I don’t. Also I have a genuine “good will” incentive – if you will – to actually charge less considering what’s happened since 2020.Meaning, currently there’s a massive increase in people finding the need to build and manage their personal brands. Domain names are in high demand right now due to things like Covid, work from home and hybrid work situations, and the rise in entrepreneurship.

    People are making necessary changes to ensure security for themselves and their families. As one of the “little guys” who had to bootstrap his own way, I’ve always fought for the little guy in return.

    I’ve done that here by finding a reasonable middle ground. Yes, I make a modest profit off of each domain. But because of my low overhead & desire to help, I offer these domains at a genuinely affordable rate that helps you feasibly tap into a great opportunity for growth and puts some food on the table for me & mine at the same time.

  • How do you get access to these at such a low rate?
    Every day, about 100,000 domains become available. I’m able to grab them at wholesale prices through certain connections I’ve obtained within the internet services community after working within it for so long.
  • Is this domain for sale anywhere else?
    Yes. The domain is for sale on GoDaddy.com (click here), Name.com (click here) and NameCheap.com (click here). If you check, you’ll notice that the price is much higher on those websites, and they don’t support with setup of the domains the way I do.
  • After purchasing will I own the domain?
    Yes, as long as you pay the annual registration fee that’s about $10 per year (this is standard and always required no matter where you buy the domain. Consider it the internet’s version of “property taxes”, only not even as expensive as netflix to get all the rewards).
  • How do you transfer it to my name?
    If you already have a domain registry account (like GoDaddy for example), then we’ll transfer the domain to your account. If you don’t have an account, we will show you how to set one up first, then transfer the domain. It is a very simple process.
  • Will you set up my website for me?
    Yes. After you purchase your domain we’ll reach out with info on how to add a website to your order. We have a super simple setup option that you can take advantage of at that step.
  • How long do I have to decide?
    Until we transfer the rights to someone else. If you’re reading this page then the domain is still available. We’ve sent this to various other people named Joe Winder who are reading this right now.
  • Who are you?
    My name is Greg and you can Click here to read my bio

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