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So you are not sure what would you do with the domain?

I get it, my kids thought it was stupid when I gifted them domains years ago, but now they both host their own websites as my son is technical art consultant for mobile games (main gig), and my daughter is a home business consultant (side gig).

Both of them have moved multiple times, so if they were using gregskid@comcast.com or gregskid@att.net which came with their Internet plan, both of them would have to notify their contact list multiple times of the new emails.

Personally, I sold my biggest website in 2021, which I used as my personal email for years.  I have gone through 100’s of websites to update my online banking, software, service, phone, and other accounts with my new (personal) email address.  What a hassle!!

So for email continuity alone, I think it is worth having your own domain.

What about a website?

Well, you don’t have to set one up.   You can forward your domain to go to your business website, your LinkedIn page, or other social media page.  I will give you the simple instructions to do it.  It really takes about 2 minutes.

Then in a few years, just like my kids, if you find a use for it, your domain will be ready.   Just like some of those other, when I get around to it projects you have.   Whether it be a side gig, selling crafts, even a MLM business, your domain will be at your disposal.

You might think I will just buy my domain then.  Well chances are, it won’t be there.

Remember there are other just on LinkedIn?  You don’t think one or two of them might be a bit closer to needing it than you are right now?

If one of them take it, it is gone, then the next guy takes another variation of your name, and another, then you are stuck with some crappy .net or other extension.  Not the gold standard.

You might think one of those other extensions doesn’t matter, I can tell you it does.  That is why I only sell .com domain names to individuals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are you contacting me?
    During our research, your name matched the domain that we thought you would be interested in having.

  • Why do you offer such a big discount? How is this real?
    Believe it or not, it’s a win-win situation to help people more. Major companies like GoDaddy have much higher overhead and more incentive to charge more for domains, whereas I don’t. Also I have a genuine “good will” incentive – if you will – to actually charge less considering what’s happened since 2020.Meaning, currently there’s a massive increase in people finding the need to build and manage their personal brands. Domain names are in high demand right now due to things like Covid, work from home and hybrid work situations, and the rise in entrepreneurship.


    People are making necessary changes to ensure security for themselves and their families. As one of the “little guys” who had to bootstrap his own way, I’ve always fought for the little guy in return.

    I’ve done that here by finding a reasonable middle ground. Yes, I make a modest profit off of each domain. But because of my low overhead & desire to help, I offer these domains at a genuinely affordable rate that helps you feasibly tap into a great opportunity for growth and puts some food on the table for me & mine at the same time.

  • How do you get access to these at such a low rate?
    Every day, about 100,000 domains become available. I’m able to grab them at wholesale prices through certain connections I’ve obtained within the internet services community after working within it for so long.
  • Is this domain for sale anywhere else?
    Yes. The domain is for sale on GoDaddy.com (click here), Name.com (click here) and NameCheap.com (click here). If you check, you’ll notice that the price is much higher on those websites, and they don’t support with setup of the domains the way I do.
  • After purchasing will I own the domain?
    Yes, as long as you pay the annual registration fee that’s about $10 per year (this is standard and always required no matter where you buy the domain. Consider it the internet’s version of “property taxes”, only not even as expensive as netflix to get all the rewards).
  • How do you transfer it to my name?
    If you already have a domain registry account (like GoDaddy for example), then we’ll transfer the domain to your account. If you don’t have an account, we will show you how to set one up first, then transfer the domain. It is a very simple process.
  • Will you set up my website for me?
    Yes. After you purchase your domain we’ll reach out with info on how to add a website to your order. We have a super simple setup option that you can take advantage of at that step.
  • How long do I have to decide?
    Until we transfer the rights to someone else. If you’re reading this page then the domain is still available. We’ve sent this to various other people named who are reading this right now.
  • Who are you?
    My name is Greg and you can Click here to read my bio

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